Sunday, 30 October 2016

Perfection Anyone Can Afford

I am starting to feel a bit worried about my evolving habit of buying too many foundations, but I can't do anything about it than just share my experience and impression on them really. So my new pick is Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation which has been reviewed so many times... but as well as previous Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation I've reviewed this one was never the one to catch my eye in a drugstore so that's why I'm so late trying it out.

To find something not too pricey and to be a good quality is quite a challenge so I've accepted that challenge and after pretty disappointing experience with Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation I've decided to pick up Bourjois one.
My first imperssion was 'Yas, finally!'. The minute I've put it on my face I fell in love with it because of the smooth application and not cakey coverage it gave me which I was seeking all this time when searching for a perfect foundation. 

The shade I'm using is 52 Vanilla and I'm loving how this shade matches my skin complexion complimenting it with a gorgeous glow. I think this foundation is called Healthy Mix for a reason (winky face) haha. It really makes my dull skin look more radiant and healthy. It also stays all day unlike the Rimmel one. I had just few oily patches on my nose, chin and forehead as my skin is very oily in those places and I can't tackle this problem with anything.

After wearing this foundation for a few days I can definitely recommend it for others who are seeking flawless everyday look. Cheers to Bourjois for that foundation which is now my favourite one I will be definitely rebuying over and over again!

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Rimmel Wake Me Up

I might be a bit behind times, but after seeing loads of other posts about this Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation I finally decided that this is about time to try it and share my experience with you. After I accidentally smashed my previous foundation I was kinda in a mood to try something new so I thought why don't I try this beauty bloggers' beloved one.

To be honest with you, I really love all the Rimmel products, but I'm not very amazed by this foundation as it doesn't meet my expectations of giving a natural looking skin. Maybe it's just my skin or the foundation actually brings out the flaws rather than covering it. The most eye catching thing in it is the glitter in it's consistency. When you apply it, it gives you that fresh sheer look which really makes you look more awake. The consistence is not very thick so you can use it everyday if you don't want that full coverage, but personally I prefer more thicker foundation to cover all the blemishes on the face. Basically it is for the girls who are lucky to have flawless skin, but want to make it look more awake and fresh.

What are your opinions on this? Is there anyone who tried and had the same experience as me?