Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Salon International Exhibition

As a hair and media makeup student I was offered to go to an exhibition called Salon International. It's an event where all the hairdressers (okay, not all, but most of the famous hairdressers such as Patric Cameron) gather to show people what's fashionable and popular at the moment. Also there is lots of hair products like high quality shampoos, conditioniers, nurising oils and so on. What is more, there were lots of hairdresser's professional scissors, hair extentions and other hairdresser's equipment. There you could even see your hair through a really powerful microscope and see how damaged your hair is! There was a big big queue so I didn't have a chance to see the condition of my hair. I'm not really interested in those hair thingies, but luckily I found a venue where all the makeup stuff were and then I felt blessed like never before... Haha. As you can tell all the things there very expensive and I didn't bring much money with me to buy everything I wanted, so I just had a look and a lot of things I'm going to buy on the internet website the companies have. It was really amazing and pleasant trip where I saw amazing shows and catwalks and had a look at those incredible catwalk models with perfect body and a flawless skin and everything... Things like this exhibition inspires me to try new things and don't be afraid of experimenting. 
Oh and I forgot to mention one thing... The people! Purple, pink, blue, green hair people with short black dresses and platform boots were the one more thing I admire the most. I just like the way they express themselves, the way they dress and style their hair. It's just something amazing! I'm thinking of dying my hair in the near future because I've got bored of my plain, blonde, natural hair and I want maybe something lylac or purple in my hair like dying the ends of my hair. Do you think it would look good? I think to dye with temporary tint which I can easily wash off in a few hair washes. I want to tint my hair, but I'm a bit afraid of the end result and if the color suits me.
So that's a recent update of my life and what's was going on lately. What are you guys up to?

Victoria ♥


  1. Wow this is a cool exhibition I will not mind attending too.

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  3. wow ! impressive ! :)

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  4. this sounds really cool, it would be awesome to see all of the different & unique styles!

    danielle | avec danielle