Friday, 10 January 2014

Classic Red Lipstick

Not long ago I received a package from the post office. I ordered a red lipstick from site called This site is really similar to ebay, but I think it's not as popular as ebay is. So I received my lipstick and I want to share my thought on my lovely purchase. It's a gorgeous red lipstick from brand called Manshiu, I'm not sure if you have heard about it before because I haven't either. I payed about 2.5$ for it and I think that this price is too low because the quality of the lipstick is just amazing! It's a bit stiff and it's hard to apply on the lips, but I don't mind because after the few strokes my lips are covered in this beautiful red color perfectly! You can see in the photo me wearing this lipstick, but it looks much lightier that it is in a reality. The packaging says that it's moisturizing, but I'm not really sure for it so I'm wearing a lip balm underneath it, so it looks a bit shiny, but the lipstick is matte. All in all I like this lipstick a lot!

If you want me to do some kind of post just let me know in the comments! I will try my best to make all of you happy because I love you a lot!

Victoria ♥


  1. Beautiful package and the shade its very pretty.

  2. the finish with a balm underneath is gorgeous! adorable packaging too - I would use it all the time just because of that face! haha x

    1. Yeah, I love packaging too! Thank you for your comment! x

  3. Awhhhh the packaging is super adorable! I would get it just to have as display!
    And the colour looks lovely on!

    Sparrow Mint♥

  4. The packaging is so cute! Such a pretty color, too!

  5. I just love the packaging! It's so beyond cute! <33
    ~Makaela at

  6. the packaging is just adorable :)