Saturday, 4 January 2014

Catrice Lip Products

Not long ago I've found an amazing lip pencil from Catrice. It's a lovely matte pink color pencil which is long lasting and waterproof. I really like this baby pink color it looks so pretty and cute on lips. It doesn't make my lips feel dry because it has kind a creamy consistence and it glides really easily on my lips. I'm getting obssesed with Catrice products, they are so high quality and the price of the products is really low!

Another great product from Catrice is this lip laquer. I haven't tried any lip laquers before I bought this. As the red lipstick doesn't suits me I bought this really cute pink color. Its consistence is really great, this laquer covers my lips perfectly just in few strokes. It has a slight shine and you can find a few glitters in it when you apply it on your lips. It smell really good, the smell reminds me of cookies and it is also a bit sweet so it doesn't last long on my lips because I can't help myself not to lick it. (what a stupid girl. haha). What is more those products mach each other and create a really good-looking lips for everyday or for special occasions. So all in all it's a perfect lip laquer for those who can't own high end products. The quality is combarable with high end products I think. 

If you have ever tried any of these products let me know what do think about them in the comments!

Victoria ♥


  1. This lip lacquer sounds great, I really want to try some Catrice products! x

    1. They are really great and cheap! Everyone can afford products from this brand! Thank you for the comment darling! xx