Sunday, 15 December 2013

New Mac Brush Set

I was tired of using my finders to put my makeup on. I have already had a few brushes, but they was only for eyeshadows so I decided to browse an internet and order new ones. Yesterday I received a package with my lovely new brushes. I was so so happy! It's a mac 12pcs brush set, but I will tell you the truth those brushes isn't real mac brushes, they just have a mac sign on them. I ordered them on ebay and paid about 13$, so I think it's a very good value for money. I can't afford the real mac brushes because they are so damn expensive, but I wish I could... But for now I will enjoy my fake ones. Brushes are really soft and pleasant to touch. I haven't tried to put my makeup on with those brushes, but I'm really looking forward to try them! I think that it won't be much difference between putting makeup with real and with fake brushes. And I also think I will do much more tutorials related to makeup and stuff now. 
Let me know what do you think about fake and real brushes. Which ones do you prefer more? 

Victoria ♥