Tuesday, 17 December 2013

My Everyday Makeup Routine

I thought that it would be amazing to show you guys my everyday makeup routine. Here I have a few products and I want to show you how I do my makeup for everyday. I don't use a foundation or concealer at the moment because my skin gets very irritated, tired and so on, so I just stop using foundation and I use only moisturizer to moisten my skin to keep it fresh and healthy. As you can already know, I'm using Lumene Glow Without Shine moisturizer and I can say that it's amazing! If you want to read about it more you can check my posts and I have a review on it. Again I'm using only moisturizer and my skin feels really flawless.

Lumene Glow Without Shine moisturizer
The Body Shop eye pencil

After I moistened my face I usually use a grey eye pencil to define my eyebrows. Naturaly my eyebrows are really dark (thanks mum), but I like to fill them up with brown or grey pencil because I prefer filled eyebrows more than eyebrows with gaps. So at the moment I'm using The Body Shop eye pencil in shade french navy and I really like it. If you want a review on this item let me know!

Ruby Rose eye liner
When my eyebrows are nice and filled then I use eyeliner. This eyeliner is like pencil I don't know how to describe it. haha, but you can smudge by creating kind a smokey eye look. So I line a really small line and slightly smudge it with my finger and it looks great.

Essence eyeshadow
Essence is my favourite eyeshadow brand from the drugstore because their eyeshadow is really inexpencive and really great pigmented. I use this color for the corners of my eyes to brighten them up and to create more awake look. My eyes look like zombie eyes in the morning so brigtening the corners of my eyes is my daily routine. I like this color becase it's not too shimmery and not to matt. It creates a really good look.

Benefit They're Real mascara
My currently favourite is Benefit They're Real mascara so I'm using it for my everyday makeup look. My eyelashes are really thin and I need several coats of it, but it does a really great job by thikening and extending them. Ohh and one more thing! I never forget to curl my lashes before putting on the mascara, because when I curl my lashes my eyes look more open and bigger.

Oriflame lip balm
In the end I use my Oriflame lip balm to moisten my lips and make them a little bit shiny. It's an amazing nourishing lip balm, especially it is good in winter time because my lips often get really dry. I like to put this on because it's kinda finishes the look.

This is all the products and techniques I use for my everyday makeup. I hope you'll like it. Let me know what do you think in the comments below!

Victoria ♥

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