Friday, 20 December 2013

Christmas Haul

Have you ever tried this nail polish? I've tried it today and I must to say that it's amazing! It's really easy to apply, it glides on my nails very well and it dries so so fast. It's really important to me that nail polish dries fast because I'm really messy person and I always ruin my nails by touching something accidentally. So I can say nothing, but the compliment to this brand nail polish. I highly recommend you to try this out!

I got this for my cousin for Christmas. I think that little items like this is a really good stocking filler because they are so cute and adorable, I would love to get something like this so I thought that my cousin would love it too. 

Next item I got is this really amazing item. It's a brow filler from avon. It's a very nice brown colored pencil which I'm going to use not only for my eyebrows. There are days when I just don't want to wear much makeup, but I don't want not to wear makeup at all anyway. So I think it's a great way to change your ordinary black eye pencil to something not too dark and dramatic. The pencil is very soft and easy to apply. I'm inlove with this pencil!

Yeah, yeah, don't judge me, it's another They're Real mascara tube. I've felt so inlove with this mascara that I couldn't help myself not to buy another one. I think it's not necessary to talk about it again, you can find my thoughts about this item in my Drugsore Haul post.

I needed a little mirror that I can just put in my bag and use it when I need it so I got this little mirror that zooms my face and it's really useful when putting mascara or eyeliner because I need accuracy when doing it. haha. It has one side that zooms and one side normal and it's soooo amazing!

I was looking for mattifying face powder for ages, but I can say that none of my tried was great, but this powder is exceptional. It doesn't creates that mummy look when you apply it all over your face so I'm not afraid to use it. My skin is used to get really oily throughout the day, but this powder is my life saver and when I use it I can trust that it will keep my skin matt and smooth all day long. I'm really glad that I've found that powder!

And the last thing I got is theese cute little earrings. I love the way they look in my ears. They create that elegant shiny look and spice up every outfit. I love them so so much!

I really hope that you'll like this post. Leave the comment down below and say what do you think about theese items I got. Love you! x

Victoria ♥

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